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"paralegals are to attorneys what nurses are to doctors"



Founder and CEO

Kristie Lewis is a litigation paralegal. After studying paralegal studies and criminal justice, she decided to become a paralegal to help people. Kristie has been working as a paralegal for over 18 years. She has worked for prominent attorneys throughout Mississippi in small office settings as well as corporate office settings. Kristie has experience in 

personal injury law, assisting clients who have been injured in or by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, medical malpractice, slips and falls, premises liability, defective products, and dog bites.

In addition, Kristie has experience in criminal defense law, collections, workers’ compensation, pharmaceutical mass tort litigation, civil defense, bankruptcy, real estate law, and family law.

Realizing the challenges new attorneys face in providing quality services for their clients while trying to manage their office she decided to help those attorneys by offering support services virtually. She has been providing that service for over 7 years.

In 2001, Kristie founded Legal Helpers of Mississippi, LLC, a fully functioning office comprised of paralegals, legal assistants, process servers and notaries. Legal Helpers of Mississippi, LLC provides registered agent and business formation services, notary services, civil process services and legal support services for a vast number of attorneys throughout Mississippi. Kristie and her team strive to provide the best service possible so that her clients can provide the best service possible. 

As a Mississippi native, Kristie has a deep passion and commitment to helping her community.  She says that helping people is the best part of her job. 

Meet Our Founder and CEO: Meet The Team
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