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Committed to Quality

Virtual Paralegals are your company’s solution to operating as a large corporate firm without the added overhead expenses. Our virtual paralegals and legal assistants are independent contractors providing services remotely using state of the art encrypted software and databases. We offer occasional and long-term support services. You determine what's best for you based on your demand. Let us help your firm’s growth and success by providing the following services:
·         Conducting client interviews and maintaining general contact with your clients updating them on the status of their legal matters.
·         Locate and interview witnesses.
·         Conduct investigations, statistical and documentary and legal research.
·         Draft legal documents, correspondence, and pleadings.
·         File documents electronically using the Courts filing systems.
·         Summarize depositions, interrogatories, and testimony.
·         Propound and respond to discovery and trial preparation.
We pride ourselves on quality, confidentiality and professionalism. With over 20 years combined experience our knowledge and prior experiences set us apart from the rest. Contact us to determine what services your firm can benefit from. We look forward to working with you in aiding in your company's growth and success.



Exceeding Expectations

A process server is a person who delivers documents that notify a person when legal action is taken against them. According to the due process of law, each person involved must be adequately informed of court actions and any documents pertaining to these actions must be delivered in person.

Legal Helpers of Mississippi, LLC offers flat rate service throughout Mississippi. Email your request or mail your request to our home office located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. We offer same day service, multiple attempts at no additional cost. We do not charge for copies or affidavits of service.

We also provide courier services if you are needing documents delivered to the courthouses or other law firms. Contact our office for a quote today. 



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Notary publics are officials who are authorized to serve as witnesses to legal agreements and documents. Their presence is often required to validate identities and witness the signatures on legal documents and agreements.

Notary publics can also administer oaths and affirmations.

Real Estate and Loan Closing Notary Services. We have provided thousands of error-free signings for lenders, law firms, title companies, escrow companies, and signing services. 

General Notary Services. Need to have a legal document notarized? We offer same day services. We can travel to you, or you can schedule an appointment. Not sure if you require a notary, contact our office we are happy to help you to determine if a notary is needed. 



Committed to Quality

The most basic function of a process agent also known as a registered agent is to ensure your business is properly notified when involved in a lawsuit. Allow Legal Helpers of Mississippi, LLC to serve as your registered agents and take advantage of our knowledge of business formation. We can help you to incorporate your business. We provide mail forwarding services as well.



We offer an array of foreclosure and REO support services including but not limited to the following:

  • Title Research & Reconveyances.

    Document Retrieval from County Recorder’s Office (Deeds of Trust, Assignments), Full and Partial Reconveyances; Junior and Senior Lien Monitoring; consultation for title concerns you may have.

  • Assist with Process Non-Judicial Foreclosures. Mail/post Notices, conduct the Trustee Sale (auctioneer service). 

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Legal Courier Service. We can pick up and deliver messages, packages, documents, mail, etc.

We can provide same day and on demand courier service for all of your legal and law delivery needs including but not limited to, court filings and firm to firm deliveries

Services We Offer: Services
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